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Yesterday I went to Eataly in NYC, an Italian market owned by Mario Batali. It was one of the only times I wished I could travel with a refrigerated suitcase, because the market was loaded with fresh, beautiful veggies! However, I did find one ingredient that traveled well, and one I had never seen before – yellow sun-dried tomatoes!

Yellow sun-dried tomatoes on a veggie pita

I’m quite a fan of red sun-dried tomatoes, but have never tried yellow before. I picked up a small bagful and will now find fun, creative ways to use this newfound ingredient! I kept it simple for the first go-round by adding them to a sandwich (pictured above) with homemade hummus, arugula, and shredded carrot on a whole wheat pita. Yum yum!


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  1. […] addition to yellow sun-dried tomatoes, I found this enticing little bottle at Eataly tucked within more varieties of olive oil than you […]

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