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Welcome back, strawberries!

Strawberries are making their triumphant comeback into season, and last week, Whole Foods celebrated their return by offering one pound containers of organic strawberries for $1.99 each! I rushed on over and stockpiled like there was no tomorrow – well, okay, I only bought two containers. I am usually only prepping food for one. But I was very excited all the same! Strawberries – and cheap!

Perfect strawberries, waiting to be devoured

Since I bought so many, I froze one batch. I actually find food prep such as this to be kind of meditative – I’m focusing entirely on washing, slicing, and sorting the strawberries, all the while kind of relaxing and not thinking about anything else. Plus, I get in a pattern and soon I don’t even have to think hard about the task at hand. It’s similar to when I’m picking over dry beans or chopping produce for a salad. Even more reasons to prepare food at home – it can be quite calming! (Sometimes – we won’t discuss more complicated cooking endeavors where I swear like a sailor and amass a Mt. McKinley of dishes)

All bagged and ready for deep freeze!

Meanwhile, the remains of deep concentration

So with an abundance of fresh and frozen strawberries at my disposal, my mind is brewing with ideas about what to make! Some initial ideas …

  • Homemade strawberry jam
  • Strawberry sorbet or dairy-free ice cream
  • Salads featuring strawberries
  • An assortment of smoothies and juices
  • Homemade sangria (perfect for warm weather!)
  • Dried strawberries in my dehydrator (which I bought recently and want to use more often)

And so much more! What are some of your favorite ways to prepare strawberries?

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