Real Food. Real Stories. Oh Yeah.

Last week I started my tote bag garden experiment, where I will attempt to grow kale, arugula, and tomatoes in my living room in reusable totes. I am excited to report that one week later, the seeds are sprouting!


The greens are the current rockstars, with a lot of height in addition to simple leaves. But the tomatoes are catching up as well, with both the brandywine and yellow pear tomatoes growing nicely.

As the tomatoes get larger I’ll likely have to buy some wire and twine to hold them up, especially for the large brandywine’s. But in the meantime they’re steadily growing up!

In terms of gardening, I’m now watering less frequently, though still about every other day. The greens tend to catch the most sun so they get more water since the soil dries more quickly. I always pat the soil and if no moisture ends up on my hand, it’s time for a drizzle from the watering can.

I know it’ll be a long time yet before I get any edible food, but I’m excited that so far my foray into apartment gardening is pretty successful. I’ve never sprouted anything so this is immediately my most successful gardening project! Stay tuned!


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