Real Food. Real Stories. Oh Yeah.

About the Blog!

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to Once More With Veggies, a new blog dedicated to all things vegetable-and-fruit-based. The blog will feature recipes, products, and adventures in eating the most basic of foods, all with (somewhat) pretty pictures and (attempts at) witty commentary.

So first thing’s first – why the title?

Well, there are two reasons …

1) I have been a full-time vegetarian (with some part-time veganism on the side) for five years. During that time, I switched evenly between healthy eating to overloading on mock meats, starchy foods, and unhealthy subs in an attempt to make up for things I thought were missing from my diet. So, in addition to having already rebooted my diet by taking out the meat, I am taking a new step by simplifying my food to largely whole, fresh pieces of produce. Now, I’m not going raw, and I’m not cutting out junk or processed foods entirely. As my dear boyfriend says, “Everything in moderation – including moderation!” However, I am attempting to make more meals and entrees out of whole foods with light seasonings – more salads, more smoothies, more sandwiches stuffed with veggies as opposed to cheese and fake bologna. It’s a chance to start anew once more, with veggies! *cue Marx Bros. magic word music*

2) On a less related note, I am not the most successful blogger – I’ve attempted blogging three times now, and they’re all collecting dust on the Internet somewhere. I wanted to give it another go, but this time … well, you know.

So, keep checking back for recipes, tips, adventures, recommendations, and the like. While the focus is on whole foods and produce, I will occasionally blog about my processed/junky forays, especially when I’m trying new restaurants or bakeries. Take care, and happy eating!

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