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Adventures in Hydroponic Plants: Meet Marvin

Oh, it just got real.

One of my dreams is to one day have my own garden. Some of my fondest memories involve going into our backyard garden at our old town house in Leesburg and plucking cherry tomatoes for my snacking enjoyment. I also loved my grandmother’s decidedly bigger garden in Roanoke, though I don’t have the fondest memories of snapping green beans all afternoon. However, garden = ambition … but living in an apartment makes this difficult.

Enter a hydroponic basil plant!

Welcome home!

I always see these little guys at Whole Foods but never had the cajones to buy them. What cajones, you may say? They’re hydroponic plants – easy breazy! Well, let me tell you a story about a girl named Sonora, whole loved plants but couldn’t grow them to save her life. In my brief horticultural history I’ve managed to kill three Lucky Bamboo plants and a vine plant that supposedly can’t die. Well, that plant never met me!

However, I decided to give this basil plant a try. For one, it doesn’t require potting, which takes out a key burden of an apartment garden. For another, it was $3, and grown in Shenandoah, VA (so it’s home grown AND local – too legit to quit, baby). But most of all, I love me some basil, and never use bunches quickly enough to justify buying them. I make a nice thing of pesto and then end up with a wilted mess in my fridge. If I could benefit from anything, it’d be growing my own herbs and seasonings.

Oh yeah, it's also organic. HARD CORE!

So, I now have my own little basil plant hanging out by the window sill! I will be documenting my progress on this blog. Hopefully it will be a success, and I can share some of the things I make with my brand new basil plant!

Oh, and as a custom, I tend to name my plants to help me take better care of them. That way, they’re almost like pets. So everyone, meet Marvin, the basil plant! Let’s hope this goes better than the vine that was supposed to never die.

A super-fancy vase made out of an old guacamole container. RECYCLING!